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OneAtlas Analytics leverages premium Airbus satellite imagery.

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Made in partnership with Orbital Insight, OneAtlas Analytics helps you monitor areas of interest to gain clarity on what’s happening on the ground; supply chains, commodities, geopolitical events, demographics, and more by extracting objects such as:

  • Cars: Small utility vehicles, including pickup trucks and vans. Uses Pléiades 50cm imagery.
  • Trucks: Commercial trucks, trailer trucks, and busses. Uses Pléiades 50cm imagery.
  • Aircraft: 5 classes including: large aircraft, helicopters, fighter aircraft, small aircraft, and others. Uses Pléiades 50cm imagery.
  • Ships at sea: Ships greater than 20m in length. Uses Pléiades 50cm and SPOT 1.5m imagery.
  • Delivery for service is API


  • Access accurate & reliable results
  • Leverage our team of experts and partners for customer projects & industry-specific solutions
  • Results delivered in ready-to-use-formats

Seamless Service

  • Direct access to OneAtlas imagery and analytics
  • Choose from simple subscription or custom packages
  • Analytics compatible with leading GIS platforms
  • Integrate analytics in your own application using our dedicated APIs