Aerial Photography

In 1964 CERTEZA pioneered aerial photography in the Philippines and has since continued to lead the field. CIC provides a full range of high quality aerial photography solutions, to ensure highly detailed aerial mapping. From small and technically challenging projects to large and high volume work; We have the capacity and expertise to deliver high quality data on-time and cost effectively. CERTEZA owns a Twin Commander 685 (RP - C5230) a fixed wing aircraft dedicated to airborne data acquisition, an ideal platform for large-format digital imaging technology and Lidar airborne LiDAR systems.

CERTEZA offers a complete production flow-line for photogrammetric mapping from aerial photgraphy, ground control survey, photogrametric processing and database creation to the output of digital vector mapping, orthophotomaps, digital terrain models and contours.


  • Archaeology
  • Cartography
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Disaster Mapping
  • Environmental Studies
  • Land Use projects
  • Large-scale Geospatial Content Collection
  • Large-scale Toporaphic Surveying
  • Oil and Gas Surveying
  • Power Line Inspection
  • Watershed Management

Check Leica Geosystems our Technology partner for high-performing airborne sensors. 

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