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The Pleiades, composed of Pleiades-HR 1A and Pleiades-HR 1B, are two high-resolution optical Earth-imaging satellite systems operating from space. Both systems are designed to provide complete coverage of the Earth’s surface and meet space imagery requirements for both civil and commercial needs. Pléiades 1 and Pléiades 2 are exceptionally agile with the ability to collect 1 million square km of high resolution imagery per day. Featuring two day revisit time to any location on the planet, Pléiades separates itself from the competition for site monitoring and projects requiring rapid imagery acquisitions.

Pléiades products supply detailed information about target areas and their surroundings:

  • 50-cm resolution, color, orthorectified imagery.
  • 20-km ground footprint at nadir, up to 100 km x 100 km in strip mapping mode.

These features make Pléiades products an excellent solution for:

  • Hazard Management
  • Urban Mapping
  • Change Detection
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Network and Infrastructure Administration
  • Defense and Civil Protection

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