Photogrammetry Service

Photogrammetry Service

CERTEZA INFOSYS CORPORATION was the first Philippine surveying firm, boasting more than 30 years of providing photogrammetric mapping service to local and international clients.

Over the years, the company has conscientiously kept pace with advances in photogrammetric science, moving from analogue to analytical photogrammetry in the 1980’s, and again with the introduction of Softcopy - to digital photogrammetry in the 1990’s.

From then on, CERTEZA has consistently maintained its position as the premier private photogrammetric mapping company in the Philippines.

CERTEZA has the capabilities required to execute projects that require photogrammetry services. From state-of-the-art equipment to necessary software applications to talented manpower, we have the right resources to complete photogrammetry projects whether aerial acquisition or digital orthophotography. Through our solid years of experience, we carefully handle processes and product accuracy while reducing costs for our clients.

CERTEZA’s highly-skilled and experienced staff and certified licensed professionals boast of their industry expertise necessary to provide superior photogrammetry services to clients all over the world. Among the photogrammetry services we provide include:

  • Project management and quality control
  • Fully analytical and digital aerial triangulation
  • Softcopy stereo compilation (planimetric/vector feature extraction)
  • Digital elevation/terrain modeling (DEM/ DTM)
  • Digital orthophoto creation
  • Topographic map production
  • Vegetation and land use feature capture
  • Utility asset feature capture

CERTEZA’s photogrammetry services have added significant value in today’s industry needs and essentials. With our fast delivery, efficient performance, and economical solutions, we ensure that our clients get what they want according to their budget, without affecting the quality of our work.

We at CERTEZA are fully committed to continuously provide quality service and innovative solutions that will make photogrammetry data processes as easy and as convenient as they can be.