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Mining is a high investment that requires timely and accurate geospatial data. With ecological impact monitoring and environmental assessments becoming increasingly important to the viability and sustainability of mining operations, Certeza provides high-resolution imagery using aerial photography or satellite imagery that is valuable for feature extraction, analysis, and classification through all stages of the mining lifecycle. It helps mining professionals identify, analyze and act on geological data, and they reduce the time and resources required to find, mine, and recover the resource site.

Certeza boasts of years of experience supporting mine and landfill resource management. Our mapping solutions include the full spectrum of film and aerial photography, remote sensing, elevation data acquisition, map generation, enterprise GIS, volumetric analysis support, and data fusion services. Using the right tools and software, we also provide standardized maps and services that will help in making better decisions about all aspects of resource management throughout the complete life cycle of any mine or landfill.

We take pride in having an extensive portfolio of repeat business from large mining companies in the country and abroad. Our regional production facilities are strategically located and enable us to cost-effectively serve mine and landfill operations nationwide. Our aircraft, on the other hand, provide rapid response, reduce mobilization costs, and allow us to meet accelerated schedules.

Among the applications in which we use our mining solutions include:

  • Facilities Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Geotechnical Samples
  • Automated Change Detection Mapping
  • Rehabilitation Planning and Monitoring
  • Measuring Disturbed Areas
  • Discharge/Dewatering Environmental Impacts


If you or your organization is interested in our mining mapping solutions, contact us and we will be more than glad to accommodate your inquiries and questions.