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Certeza Infosys Corporation provides high-value products and services across the entire geo-information spectrum. Through our comprehensive data processes, advanced tools and technology, and technical expertise, we serve a wide range of industries in providing GIS solutions that meet our clients' application-specific needs and requirements.


CIC provides geo-information solutions to various government arms and agencies in helping them analyze difficult situations and produce solutions across disciplines. We can customize an application that will enhance city planning and design processes and can help you assess the need for infrastructure upgrades or conduct population density analysis. With the use of GIS solutions, we can also deliver a consistent return on investment that includes increased accuracy, productivity, and revenue through avoidance of unnecessary costs, time savings, and better decision making.


CIC provides agricultural GIS solutions to manage, analyze, and model data from the environment and help agriculturists make better decisions in conserving our natural resources and protecting its biodiversity. The ability of GIS to visualize and evaluate agricultural environments and workflows can highly improve the farming industry, particularly the management of the world's agricultural resources.


CIC provides utility mapping and GIS solutions that help utilities providers design an optimal operation, offer workflow efficiencies, and maintain customer satisfaction. Our utility solutions are designed using a common platform that accesses business data, manages assets, integrates work orders, updates network information, finds customer information, and generates reports.


We provide solutions to mining companies and firms to help them operate mines responsibly and at optimum efficiency. Our mining solutions are designed with systematic strategies and interoperable technology to compile, display, and process, analyze, and archive volumes of interdisciplinary data.


Through our environmental GIS solutions, we help scientists and environmental managers study and evaluate the environment around us. Our tools, products, and services enable report generation on environmental phenomena, and model how the environment is responding to natural and man-made factors.

Defense and Security

Because most national security decisions generally involve geography, CIC works on helping these firms, through our GIS solutions, in providing protection, assessing potential terrorist targets, planning defense strategies, and even deciding where to locate a new building with minimal environmental impact.