Geographic Information System

Geographic Information System

CIC has been providing services for the creation of “smart maps” for decades now. Using state-of-the-art tools and modern technology, we are able to feature data extracted from different sources such as satellite images, aerial photography, radar images, scanned maps, survey data, and more which can be processed through spatial analysis to derive reports and new thematic maps.

This geographic information can be captured, managed, and published using our dynamic GIS products from Intergraph. These products include:


GeoMedia is a powerful geographic information system (GIS) application designed to collect data from a variety of sources, conduct intelligent analysis, and extract useful, actionable information that can be used in mapping, geographic data validation, and map information analysis among others. Designed with a flexible architecture, smart data capture, and quick validation tools, GeoMedia has the ability to rapidly create quality data while maintaining a high degree of performance in processing, analyzing, presenting, and sharing of information.

GeoMedia Smart Client

GeoMedia Smart Client is designed to accelerate business workflows and improve the power of traditional GIS applications. With GeoMedia Smart Client, users can easily get projects get off the ground, seamlessly integrate geographic changes into configurable workflows, and have the work completed in time. Featuring line snapping and simple map-based tools, this can drastically increase productivity while reducing wastage.

Geospatial SDI

Geospatial SDI is an application designed to enable users to collaborate and distribute geospatially related data. It is specifically used in managing and serving secure data, such as licensed information, government data, and public missions’ data, using standards-based web services. Unlike GeoMedia WebMap and ERDAS APOLLO, Geospatial SDI offers a more extensive and comprehensive set of spatial data infrastructure web services.

Geospatial Portal

Geospatial Portal is a complete, intuitive web application designed to function as a client for spatial data infrastructure (SDI) services. It comprehensively finds, categorizes, and evaluates geospatial data and web services published by Intergraph or third party tools. Installed and configured on a web application server, it enables multiple users to access the site via web browsers and provides an intuitive and meaningful user experience. Moreover, Geospatial Portal offers a single map view by integrating multiple sources.

GeoMedia WebMap

GeoMedia WebMap is a fully-scalable server solution designed to build and deploy high-performance web-enabled map services and applications. It allows users to create and publish web map applications, provides clear web-based visualization, and allows manipulation of valuable geographic information. It is designed with a harmonized administration console, an updated publisher application, high-quality image delivery, and accurate data serving. For rapid image delivery into GeoMedia WebMap client applications, this product may be integrated with ERDAS APOLLO Essentials.


ERDAS APOLLO is a full-scale data management tool relevant for geographical information system professionals, bridging the gaps between establishments, streets, cities, and even countries. It is an interoperable OGC/ISO-based solution that efficiently categorizes, organizes, and analyzes massive volumes of data including, but are not limited to, imagery, terrain, vectors, web services, LiDAR, and virtually any digital object in the enterprise. Designed to catalogue both spatial and non-spatial data, ERDAS APOLLO ensures quick and easy navigation for all users.