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About Certeza Infosys Corporation

Certeza Infosys Corporation is an industry leader in providing GIS solutions to various industries in the Philippines and abroad. Providing high-value products and services across the entire geo-information spectrum, Certeza specializes in data acquisition, data processing, imagery analysis and interpretation, hosting and delivering large datasets, as well as offering GIS system development and consultancy services.

Operating for almost 50 years now, Certeza has fully established its name as a top provider of geospatial information, technology, and data products in the Philippines. We take pride in our technical expertise, excellent client service, and attention to detail and accuracy standards, towards optimizing the geospatial information value chain.

Company History

The name CERTEZA embodies a rich legacy in surveying, mapping, and information systems in Southeast Asia. Its history can be traced back from the integration of emerging technologies to provide best quality services, products, and solutions to our clientele.

In 1964, Certeza pioneered in the use of aerial photography for mapping in the Philippines and has since continued to lead the field. From 1989 to 1992, the company played a major role in the establishment of the Philippines Geodetic Network using Global Positioning (GPS) technology, which became the basis for the Philippine Reference System of 1992 (PRS' 92).

The year 2006 witnessed Certeza’s landmark transformation when it became part of Berkman Group of Companies, thus CERTEZA INFOSYS CORPORATION was born to take the ground-breaking efforts of Certeza Surveying Company in the Future.

Up to the present, Certeza continues to provide excellent geospatial services, mapping solutions, and advanced data processing and management solutions to our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Our Discipline

Certeza strictly follows a three-step process in providing accurate and efficient Geospatial solutions to our clients. Using the right tools and technology, we take comprehensive steps and carry out full strategies to accomplish projects accurately, exceeding demands and expectations.

We Capture :

We utilize the most advanced technology and efficient acquisition methods for accurate Geospatial Data Capture.

We Manage :

Our employment of modern information systems makes Geospatial Data Processing and Management smooth and simple.

We Solve :

Our extensive experience in mapping and data processing gives us a competitive edge in providing geo-information solutions.

We gain extra advantage because of the complete geospatial information solutions we provide. From data capturing to processing to actual application, you can rely on our expertise.